On-Demand Service Visits: CPC is known for its very effective and prompt services, especially after sales service. We can arrange the visit to suit you. If you have more than one unit at the same site, we can make our visit more cost effective by checking multiple units in the same trip. A routine visit will typically include all of the following:

  • Verify actual voltage and current to the unit.
  • Check on all external cables, fuses, and circuit breakers.
  • Clean all dust and debris from the unit, including fans.
  • Battery check, including electrical connections between cells
  • Carry out a discharge test.
  • Environmental checks to ensure that the location is within acceptable tolerances.
  • Mechanical condition check.
  • Check to ensure that the unit is working inside acceptable parameters.
  • Check output and load distribution across phases.
  • Functional test of rectifiers, inverters, static switches & bypasses
  • Mains fail test when possible.
  • Engineering upgrades where necessary.
  • Check on any local monitoring i.e. modems.
  • Check event and record logs for any recent alarms.

Following the service visit, we provide a report and analysis on the health of the unit, an estimate of costs for any corrective action and an honest assessment of the long-term viability of the unit.

Once the unit has a clean bill of health, you may either decide to take out maintenance.

Contract or to arrange a subsequent visit in a year or so. With regular service and attention you will prolong the life of the equipment, maximize its performance, protect your original investment and obtain peace of mind in knowing that your standby power system is being taken care of.

Other services: CPC offers its customers the option of an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). If you are looking for hiring UPS and not buying one, then, CPC is the right place. We can organize UPS and allied products of any specifications on rent and also provide maintenance services for the same.

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