About Us

City Power Conversion (CPC) is promoted by a group of like-minded well qualified professionals with rich experience of 18 years in power line and conditioning field as well as in executing large projects, thus, offering complete solutions for power problems of customers. CPC boasts of a well equipped, state of art UPS Manufacturing Facility and Development Centre, at Hyderabad. The driving theme at CPC for all its employees is delighting the customers through continuous innovation of products and services. CPC strives to give personalized attention to its customers, by being responsive and proactive to their specific needs. CPC has its own manufacturing facility of UPS and markets it under the brand name of CPC.

:: Infrastructure

For indigenous production upto 50KVA CPC has a large infrastructure set-up to provide services of a high order. Located in Hyderabad, it boasts of a 2000 sq.ft., of State-of-the Art manufacturing facility with full compliment of Testing, Measuring and Development Tools.

:: Quality

CPC believes that when a customer entrusts us with a job, he expects quality inbuilt into it. To deliver quality solutions to our customers, we have set high engineering standards and practices in place, with the help of experienced consultants.


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